Our Mission

Our mission is to connect you the buyer with a local propane supplier at the lowest cost possible while still giving your the highest possible level of service. We are able to do this by leveraging the purchasing power of a cooperative. When the cooperative is leveraged we are able to negotiate directly with your local suppliers stripping out excess charges such as tank rental fees and environmental disposal fees driving the propane price down near the wholesale prices derived from the market. This negotiation results in savings between $.25 and $1 per gallon.

Exclusive Protection and Benefits

All Our members are protected by a lengthy agreement that is signed with each supplier to provide them not only with their unique benefits, but also secures certain consumer friendly terms such as fuel quality guarantees, service window guarantees, non-discrimination clauses, freedom to cancel clauses and much more.

Reduced or Eliminated Fees

Most propane companies charge extra fees for everything from tank rentals to deliveries. Our members are largely excluded from all fees except those required by local laws (permits, etc.) which can translate into savings of $100-$200 a year for many consumers.

Exclusive Pricing System

Our members also enjoy a superior pricing system in which dealers agree to a fixed profit margin above wholesale. Historically members save between $.25 to $1 per gallon compared to average rates charged by other full-service propane suppliers. We monitor dealers with member assistance to ensure that the correct price is being charged at a given time.

Membership Services

Our members are further protected by our Membership Service representatives. Members know if they have a question, an issue or a problem they can always reach out to Propane USA and our Membership Service department will do everything they can to help.

Using the relationships we have cultivated with the propane suppliers who work with our program, We are extremely effective in resolving member issues. Dealers also know that member issues, annual surveys and pricing audits are constantly monitored so we can ensure the quality of the